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PJ Harvey Offered The Chance To Become War Correspondent

Could travel to war conflict zones...


PJ Harvey Offered The Chance To Become War Correspondent Photo:

PJ Harvey has been offered the chance to become a war correspondent for the Imperial War Museum.

The singer, whose new album 'Let England Shake' is released today (February 14), could be offered the chance to travel to conflict zones due her new material having a strong attachment to the current war.

''We are certainly interested in working with PJ Harvey. It is something we can take forward as we have never commissioned anybody in that capacity. We have never sent a musician out to a conflict zone." Roger Tolson, the head of collections at the Imperial War Museum told the Guardian.

Explaing her new album PJ Harvey told BBC Radio 4:''I started wondering where the officially appointed war songwriter was."

"You have got your war artists, like Steve McQueen, and your war photographers. I fantasised that I had been appointed this official songwriter and so I almost took on that challenge for myself."

Meanwhile, PJ Harvey will debut her new album 'Let England Shake' in a one-off webcast.

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