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Michael Jackson's Nose Could Collapse From MRSA Superbug

A leading expert has warned...


Michael Jackson's Nose Could Collapse From MRSA Superbug Photo:

Michael Jackson's already 'delicate' could collapse as a result of his MRSA infection, a leading doctor has warned.

Professor Mark Enright, who is a leading expert on the deadly superbug, says it's imperative Jacko takes quick action against the bug especially if it was a strain resistant to antibiotics.

Speaking about Jacko's nose being infected, he tells The Sun: “A wound infection like MRSA on a delicate area like the nose could cause the tissue to collapse.”

As revealed yesterday on Gigwise, Jacko reportedly contracted the ailment, a severe “staph” infection, following plastic surgery on his nose.

The singer is claimed to be undergoing a course of antibiotic treatment via a drip in order to rid his skin of the flesh eating disease.

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