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Mark Ronson To Auction NME Award Following Bad Glastonbury Review

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Mark Ronson To Auction NME Award Following Bad Glastonbury Review Photo: Carsten Windhorst

Producer Mark Ronson has vowed to auction his NME award on eBay after the music publication gave his recent performance at Glastonbury a bad review.

Writing on his blog, Ronson said he was alerted to the review when the journalist who it was credited to emailed him to deny responsibility for the article.

“I got the following email from a journalist at the NME in reference to what I imagine was a scathing review of my glasto performance (if only Ii read the mag, I might know what it said....oh well),” he wrote.

Ronson published a screen shot of the email – omitting the journalist's name – in which the writer claims they did not even see Ronson's set.

“I got no responsibility taking responsibility for my words, but I do have a problem taking responsibility for someone else's,” the journalist wrote.

The producer concluded his blog by saying he would sell his NME award for Best International Solo Artist on eBay “as soon as the morons send it to me”.

“I doubt the bidding will go that high and it makes an excellent doorstop,” he added.

Mark Ronson at Glastonbury 2008


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