Watch the rock icons perform live and tell their epic story for new series
Andrew Trendell
07:00 28th November 2015

"It used to be that record deal held the band together," says Skindred frontman Benji Webbe, "but no, this band are bigger than record deals. What I would say to bands out there who have been dropped, don't worry about it. If you love your music and continue to do your music then you can."

Watch Skindred discuss survival + perform live in Rock Stories above

If there's anyone that knows about surviving in rock n' roll, it's Skindred. A crash of metal, punk, hip-hop, reggae and ska, having gone through the rock legend and undergone their share of line-up changes, on paper they really shouldn't work. But the truth is, that they inspire a devotion among the masses like no other, and it grows stronger than ever. 

So much so, that the band are part of the new KERRANG! Rock Stories: Live TV series - getting under the skin of some of the biggest names in rock. The Skindred premieres tonight (Saturday 28 November) at 3pm on Kerrang! But for now, get a taster above, and remember all that makes Skindred so great.