It rained hard, thundered and the 'city/police' pulled the plug moments after the headliners started
Cai Trefor
12:11 4th August 2017

A torrential downpour and thunder at the 26th edition of Lollapalooza in Grant Park, Chicago caused sets by Muse and Lorde to be cut after only a few minutes

Lil Uzl Vert and Porter Robinson, who clashed with the aforementioned big names, also had their sets cut short.

According to the Chicago Tribune it was organisers and the city that evacuated the festival after receiving warnings from the National Weather service. Festival-goers were escorted from the site by emergency services.

Footage on social media, that is linked below, shows just how torrential the weather was and also how devastated fans and bands were about the cancellation.

One post shows Lorde saying to fans "I'll be back for you I promise" and as the realisation that the set is cancelled hits, fans hysterically cry "no!". They're understandably frustrated and would have been willing to be soaked to the bone to get the whole set.

A fan named Emma tweeted: "I would have rather stood in the storm risking my life & watch @lorde perform than get evacuated."

Questions have since risen about whether it was over the top to cancel the shows. Twitter user Joe De Carlos said: "To be honest, @lollapalooza shouldnt have closed early. Storm short lived, however strong. Shutting down ordered by Chicago police."

A fan who came from Australia to see Muse said it was "laughable" that it was cancelled

Lorde expressed her disappointment on social media, too: "fucks sake. i am so gutted guys i don't know what to tell you," she said "they've told us we can't play. i had the most spectacular show planned for you and i PROMISE i will come back to play it as soon as i can."

Muse's Matt Bellamy's comment alluded to the fact the decision to pull it was down to the city/police and didn't mention the organisers involvement in the decision:

Muse also expressed their commitment to returning to the city with them asking to be booked again next year hinting at harmony with the festival itself.

Elsewhere, fans were also left disappointed when Liam Gallagher had to walk off after only 20 minutes because his voice was suffering.

He said on Twitter moments after the show: "difficult gig last night which fucked my voice."

The former Oasis frontman sings in a way that puts enormous strain on his voice and many Oasis shows would see Liam have to leave the stage and hand the reigns to his brother Noel to finish off the show. Whilst this is a disappointment, it's understandable that Gallagher needs to protect his most valuable asset.

Worst Lollapalooza ever! Liam Gallagher gets a tickle in his throat and quits. And Lorde/ Lolla gets rained out after 4 songs! #Lollapalooza

— Jones and Mike (@JonesandMike) August 4, 2017