'Phenomenal' gets the full Hollywood treatment and Eminem reveals his inner action man
Bekki Bemrose
11:22 2nd October 2015

Eminem has unveiled an epic video for the track 'Phenomenal'. Check it out below.  

The big budget production follows Eminem escaping from hospital, being chased across Tokyo to arrive for a show in the nick of time.

Dr Dre is ready and waiting for his protege, and John Malkovich also makes an appearance in the action packed video

It’s been 13 years since Eminem made his big screen debut in 8 Mile. He was originally set to star in Southpaw, but he dropped out and was replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal.

He still had a presence in the film as ‘Phenomenal’ featured in the soundtrack, and the rap star seems to be acting out any action/fight-star urges he was unable to fulfil in Southpaw.

Watch the video below

Eminem recently hit the media with long time collaborator Dr Dre following the release of the latter’s first album in 16 years. The pair faced wide criticism across social media for controversial rape lyrics on Compton track ‘Medicine Man’.