Fall in love with The Killers off-shoot project and their new album, Straight In No Kissing
will butler
10:50 29th September 2015

Big Talk is the project from The Killers' drummer and all-round great guy, Ronnie Vannucci. They've premiered their new video for 'What A Night Can Do' here, check it out below.

The video is a part of the At: Guitar Centre series the instrument store is doing in which band's play their new tracks in one of their stores. It looks great on video and also doubles as a webseries for the interview portions of the feature.

'What A Night Can Do' sounds even more slick stripped back than it does on record. Clandestine harmonies and twangy guitars dance around the perfectly balanced mix, an aural treat that rarely comes from these breeds of in-store sessions.

Check out Big Talk's session performing 'What A Night Can Do' below

Prior to the release of their second album, we spoke to Ronnie about the formation of the band and the future of The Killers. "I think there’s enough sugar in the record to appease even the saltiest of dogs", Ronnie said of the latest Big Talk offering, and we agree. Check out our full feature with Big Talk here.