"Reminiscent of instrumental classics by The Prodigy"
Krystal Scanlon

10:07 16th April 2012

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It would be easy to assume, that since Battles are known as an American experimental rock group, you might hear some familiar sounds recognisable from other bands and artists within that genre. But where this album is concerned, that expectation couldn’t be further from the truth.

A remix of their 2011 album 'Gloss Dropp', most tracks on 'Dross Glop' are (largely) instrumental reworkings of the band's original tracks, but the melodies gradually build up throughout each song, creating a really strong peak – and we all enjoy a good melody - with or without vocals.

Though quite repetitive, the tracks have a strong, consistent beat. If we were to find criticism, it would be that in some cases, when a song, such as album opener 'Wall Street', stretches over seven minutes long - after the first minute or two you’ve pretty much heard all the track has to offer. There were points where it felt like the tracks were trailing off into tracks Ross Gellar may have made on the Friends episode where he makes experimental electronica on a tiny keyboard - albeit in a much more professional manner.

Some areas of the tracks such as 'Futura', instantly are instantly reminiscent of instrumental classics by The Prodigy and even hardcore band, Rolo Tomassi, white 'Electric' is the song on this album with the most vocals throughout, retaining much of the track's original vocals.

Rock fans may find 'Dross Glopp' an unusual listen, but for those with more experimental tastes, or in need of a good late-night chill out, this album comes highly recommended. If you’re open to new things (or sounds in this case), and can accept that this is not a 'proper' Battles album, there's plenty to love on this experimental release. Definitely worth a listen.

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