Cherrypicked by This Feeling
16:30 4th July 2022
Before you hear them on the radio, telly, Hot New Bands; before they’ve got a manager or an agent; before you see them smashing the main stages, it's more than likely they'll have played or received early support from This Feeling. 

In February, TF shared their annual big list of Ones to Watch in the world of indie music in 2022. Every week, you can meet a new artist that made it onto that list...

If you had to put your music in two genres, which would you choose?
Alternative Rock'n'Roll, Art Punk.
What kind of stuff can you imagine your music being the soundtrack for?
I take a lot of inspiration from nerd culture so I like to think my tunes would be a cool soundtrack for the type of movies and TV shows they're inspired by, from young adult shows such as Euphoria, '80s rocknroll coming of age films like the Breakfast Club to modern comic fiction such as Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.
Tell us an older artist and a brand new artist that inspires you.
I love artists who bend genres; Bowie heavily influenced my love for non conformity and conceptual storytelling through music early on but currently one of my biggest inspirations is Shotty Horroh for the craft of his lyricism and art.
What's the best part of playing live?
Honestly just getting to play banging tunes with my best mates and vibe with the energy of the crowd, especially right now in a time where everyone's been isolated for so long.
Tell us about your latest release.
'The Coming of Age' is an '80s influenced synth rock track inspired by a really weird dream I had about being in my own '80s coming of age movie after I fell asleep watching breakfast club; it's mostly about how living in times like these can cause you to grow up too fast and the feeling of
trying to cling on to the innocence of childhood — as visually represented in the cover art created by Curtis Cripps aka Nerdy & Niche Art.
What have you got coming up? 
We'll be releasing some spicy tunes and plying the festival circuit with a brand new full band project under Ace & The Oddity.
What other bands tipped by This Feeling this year do you like or looking forward to seeing?
The Chase are one of my favourite bands in the scene right now so it was wicked connecting with them at Isle of Wight and I'm always buzzed to seem them live.
Rats, Rolla, Paris Street Rebels and Gens Degenerates are also really class.
See Ace live on the This Feeling w/ scotts stage at Y Not Festival 28-31 July. 

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Photo: Tom Oxley