An old soul can learn new tricks
Melissa Darragh
12:25 5th July 2022

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Katy J Pearson charmed us all back in 2020 with her romantic lyricism and mighty croons on debut album Return. From there, she’s proven that an old soul can learn new tricks, coming back with a fresh twist on her stunning sophomore album Sound of the Morning.

Sound of the Morning explores genre with a cool ease, swaying somewhere between indie, folk, and everything in between. Pearson’s distinctive vocals bring a timeless edge as, track by track, we are taken on a journey of emotion. KJP bares her soul with gorgeous humility and wisdom –  from the MeToo inspired ‘Confession’ to tackling a deep sense of insecurity in ‘Talk Over Town’.

Packing more grit than previous offerings, tracks like ‘Confession’ and ‘Alligator’ are audibly a step away from the Americana-esque style that dominated her debut album. Working alongside Dan Carey of Speedy Wunderground, Pearson plays with instrumentation and genre, producing a truly compelling listen that changes and adapts as it goes on.

Taking many twists and turns, Pearson shows that despite her distinctive style, she is not to be pigeon-holed. From the gorgeous lilt of ‘Float’ to the smooth, climbing bass riff of ‘Alligator’ and utterly danceable ‘Game of Cards’, Pearson shows off her range with a slick sense of cohesion. A master of her craft, she shows that stripping back to basics with a simplistic accompaniment can be every bit as effective as a fully formed pop track.

The album nears to an end with the sway-worthy ‘Storm to Pass’ before coming to a close with a cover of ‘Willow’s song’ by Paul Giovanni, as featured in The Wickerman. Fully comfortable with her own sound, on this album Pearson has taken the influences of those around her to complement her sound without compromising on her own worldly, distinctive style. Sound of the Morning sees Katy J Pearson grow as an artist, producing a beautifully personal piece of work that cements her as one of the most exciting artists around.

Sound of the Morning arrives 8 July via Heavenly Recordings.

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