'One to brighten up any British rainy day'
Krystal Scanlon

12:07 8th May 2012

Cover Drive’s first three singles 'Lick Ya Down, 'Twilight' and 'Sparks' have already scored Barbadian band huge hit singles, so it was obvious the band have already got their careeroff to a good start.

The opening track 'Bajan Style Intro' is just a perfect taster of what the album has to offer. With a hint of an early Black Eyed Peas tone to some of their songs, this album offers its listeners a variety of solid beats, catchy lyrics, and an overall good feeling.

The background beat of 'Headphones' holds a similar style of tune to No Doubt's "Hey Baby" – so if you’re a fan of the lovely Gwen Stefani, this is definitely worth a try. 'Lick ya down' rivals Rihanna for the radio-friendly sounds heard on her recent album, but that said, Cover Drive still have their own unique style, and this song is equally catchy, just like the rest of this album. With their front girl, Amanda being labeled the new Bajan Queen of the music scene, Rihanna is definitely going to have a little competition on her hands in the charts.

'Wrongside' is another standout tune and has a vibe similar to Shaggy’s 'It wasn’t me' with the backing rhythm. While a lot of these songs do have a catchy beat, and could be considered similar, it’s safe to say there is still a lot of variety amongst the songs – from calmer, slow songs to upbeat songs that make you want to dance.

Cover Drive are definitely are some way from their pop peak on this, their first album, but there’s no doubt that this is going to set the bar high. It’ll be interesting to see what song they release next because they certainly have a good set to choose from.

One for those in the mood for something lightweight to pack for a summer holiday, this album certainly offers that, so it’ll brighten up any British rainy day.