Victoria Goldsmith

11:16 7th July 2005

Ever wondered what The Eagles would have sounded like if they'd been a bit know....death metalish!? Wonder no more, for the answer is (apparently) to be found in Josh from QOTSA's spin off band The Eagles Of Death Metal. Giving one energetic, charismatic, ego brimming show in support of the dude known as Har Mar Superstar, the strange line up comprising what seems to be (but is not), Brian May, Brad Pitt with a moustache, Harry Hill and Blondie, this band can not only rock out, but they can strut, pout, twist and shout. Josh himself did make an appearance at the end of their set to take over the exhausting drumming, allowing resident cool chick drummer to join the party and boogie round the stage. You wanna get the party started? Get The Eagles Of Death Metal!

The Har Mar-nator is a strange bloke, he really is. Infamous for the surreal sleaze-filled video offerings portraying him as an old time porn star gyrating in a pair of tight Speedos, any live show would surely be...passionte. And Passionate is just the right word to sum up the 5 foot nothing, balding, tubby showman. As he struts on stage in a tight loon-style pair of white flares which leave little to the imagination and a salmon pink shirt complete with full on ruffles, the crowd near pass out with elation. Har Mar has a hardcore following, and this is evident as the whole place jumps and rocks out to the opening chords. The bass is phat, the drumming is cavernous, and the singing is...well...bloody excellent actually. The unique blend of pseudo hip hop merged with rock and set to a backing track of turntables strangely works for the most unlikely rock star of the time. Har Mar owns the stage, exuding sex and confidence and several times helps himself to snogs from the audience during little sojourns to walk amongst the crowd. This guy is all about sleaze and decadence, but he carries it off so well! There were a few cringe filled moments when his banter with the audience lost its comedic veil and exposed the rather blatant desperate-to-pull side, but with a cheeky grin almost all is forgiven. 'EZ Pass' and massive hit 'Power Lunch' were definite highlights, where even the shy bassist let himself rock out actually FACING the crowd. Hailing it as “the best song ever written”, Har Mar Superstar turns the tempo down in the encore with a croonful rendition of Gilbert O'Sullivan's 'Alone Again, Naturally', which was a bizarre, but successful, change of tack from the rest of his gyrating, pulsating, sweaty set. What a surreal bloke.

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