R&B with added intrigue
Vicky Greer
13:45 14th April 2021

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44Linden have today released their debut single, ‘Velvet’. This piece of dark R&B is an intriguing introduction to the new project – as much as an anonymous collective can introduce themselves.

Although the group remains a well-kept secret, among them are artists who have production credits and collaborations with stars like Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama. Their debut offering is as dark and mysterious as the collective themselves, but their personality and production expertise shines through.

Named after the 4-storey, derelict house that they call their home in Boston MA, 44Linden are sure to make waves in the industry. Saying only that the song was “recorded in the closet-sized bedroom in the basement, in the dark of a brutal winter, 2015’, 44Linden are music’s next big mystery.

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