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Jessie Atkinson
12:37 6th May 2021

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Australia's Hayley Mary has shared a new single: the ballad 'Young & Stupid'. It announces a brand new EP titled The Drip, coming this June.

With tinges of Lana Del Rey, 'Young & Stupid' is a stargazing track with little more than a piano and Mary's voice needed to set it alight. When the guitar joins, the song takes on a more classic tone, with rock'n'roll moments of past referenced throughout.

The idea for 'Young & Stupid' originally came off the back of the unfamiliar sound of a landline ringing: “I hadn’t realised they even had a landline. It was like a ghost calling through the hallway with that old school ring. ‘Who the hell even calls you on that?’ I asked. ‘Only Nana,’ my partner replied."

The Drip EP arrives 18 June.

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