A third big comeback tune
Jessie Atkinson
12:48 6th May 2021

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YONAKA continue their comeback moment today with new single 'Call Me A Saint', which follows this year's 'Ordinary' and 'Seize The Power'. The band will play this year's comeback Reading/Leeds Festival.

'Call Me A Saint' touches on themes of mental health in a musical style that sounds like Sia has gotten her hands on a buttload of electric guitars. As ever, YONAKA touch the heavens with their massive arena power.

Of 'Call Me A Saint', frontwoman Theresa Jarvis said: "Dealing with [anxiety] every day is big fucking deal, and I want to praise anyone for making it to the next day and fighting through it. We are slaves to our brains and the strength it takes to keep it together and keep moving is another level.” 

In March, we spoke to the band about their huge comeback. Read it here. 

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Photo: Dave East