Andy Day

16:25 24th September 2003

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Har Mar Superstar
"Lady's be ready to grind" says Har Mar Superstar aka tubby white porn star look-alike Harold Martin Tillman. 'You Can Feel Me' is Har Mar's second album and this time he's called in all the favours from members of Busy Signals and the Faint to provide the slick beats and sleazy synths. Live this guy is one of the most entertaining individuals on the planet, mostly because you can't believe that he's got the bottle to sing his swing beat soul with such attitude.

On record strangely enough these Craig David and Prince-esque paeans to his own unbelievable sexiness work, in the same way that Chilli Gonzales' tongue in cheek hip-hop chic works. The beats are there, the tunes are there and fuck me the guy's just god damn sexy.

Har Mar doesn't even have to name check the likes of the Strokes, the Pattern and the Osbournes in the sleevenotes to confirm his credibility, although of course it helps. "I hope my music makes people grind," he says "if just a few people realise that dry humping is a good thing, I'll have done my job." Er yeah, get your ass moving to Ron Jeremy and Prince's bastard offspring.

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