This boundary-less body of work is sure to impress
Faith Martin
11:47 24th January 2022

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Since their breakthrough in 2013 with Bad Blood, Bastille have gone from strength to strength. Performing at Glastonbury and headlining the O2 are two of the extraordinary things they've achieved in the time since, and now — almost ten years since they burst onto the scene with 'Pompeii' and 'Bad Blood' — they’ve returned with their futuristic fourth album Give Me The Future. 

From artificial intelligence to creating a whole new world online, Give Me The Future explores the modern age of technological advancement and what this means for mankind through the prism of electro-pop. An album for dreamers and anxiety sufferers alike, this boundary-less body of work is sure to impress. 

The band welcome us into their new world with lead single 'Distorted Light Beam', its high synth use upon a background of computer gaming sounds setting the tone for the album in a well-rounded offering of dance meets pop, a combo that has helped the band with their popularity in the past. Lyrics such as “Feeling like this ain't life, I'm choosing fiction” introduce the listener to the topics of the album whilst the track's high energy abounds.

A nod to escapism, 'Thelma + Louise' is the second track on the LP, perhaps sonically more familiar with fans for its inherent Bastille-ness: an upbeat chorus makes it incredibly contagious, especially to dance to. On the other hand, 'Plug In…' feels more chaotic, listing the anxieties that come with technology age, all tied together by a strings section.

Single 'Shut Off The Lights' lends itself to a samba atmosphere whilst Dan’s impressive and recognisable vocal adds a sense of passion to the track. 'Shut Off The Lights' is built for a festival crowd under summer sun. Similarly, 'Club 57' leads with a party vibe, building from acoustic beginnings nto a chorus brimming with rhythmic melodies and soft, feathery vocals. 

Final track 'Future Holds', featuring gospel singer BIM. — who adds an incredibly intimate experience to the song — is an uplifting closer to what is without doubt one of Bastille’s most ambitious albums to date.

Give Me The Future is packed full of expertly-crafted songs that will plaster a smile on your face despite their exploration of a rather dark technological world. The juxtaposition between sound and lyricism is something Bastille have always been masters of, and Give Me The Future is no different except in that it may be their best record since Bad Blood. 

Give Me The Future arrives 4 February via EMI/Virgin.

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