‘An album brimming with wit and potential’
Melissa Darragh
13:59 13th July 2020

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After gaining much hype throughout the last year, we are graced with another gem from across the water courtesy of Irish cool kids Silverbacks. Their tongue-in-cheek debut album Fad brings a new lease of life to the 70s punk, no wave-inspired sound which appears to be making a comeback in recent years. Stunningly energetic, Fad brings striking edge and charisma with production from Daniel Fox of legendary Irish treasures, Girl Band.

Opening track ‘Dunkirk’ builds tension with single bass notes before teasing out a fierce showcase of interlaced riffs, showing off what can be achieved with the band’s three-strong guitar line-up.  From the dissonant chime of ‘Travel Lodge Punk’ to the chaotically catchy breakdown in ‘Muted Gold’, Silverbacks show they are unafraid to experiment, playing with texture and genre to bring a daring mash-up of sounds which never really seem to put a foot wrong.

Loud, heavy tracks like the brilliantly Strokes-esque ‘Just In The Band’ and the thrilling ‘Pink Tide’ are beautifully balanced alongside ambient interludes like ‘Dud’, with subtle intricacies and unexpected turns to keep your attention throughout. With an overall rugged style, vocals from bassist Emma Hanlon on tracks ‘Klub Silberrücken’ and ‘Up The Nurses’ bring a lighter, albeit slightly stiffer contrast to frontman Daniel O’Kelly’s sulky, yet coolly relaxed vocal. 

Overall, shrewd lyrics, steady rhythms, and standout riffs are a winning combination throughout. If lyrical gems like, “That wasn't Jesus, that was just some fucker in a dressing gown” and “Politicians in denim, everybody wants one” don't grab your attention, then the accompanying riffs and unrelenting rhythms certainly will. 

Closing track ‘Last Orders’ provides a final burst of excitement, bringing to a close an album brimming with wit and potential, and leaving us, like every other last orders, looking out for what’s going to happen next.

Fad is released on 17 July 2020 via Central Tones. 

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