'Big attitude, confidence and exhilaration all rolled into one'
Geo Blackman
15:12 9th July 2020

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Though they hail from Sydney, DMA’s are at the centre of Britpop revivalism and culture in the UK. Their acoustic ballads and the haunting vocals of frontman Tommy O’Dell are some of the most recognised sounds within their sector, but with their experimental third album The Glow, the Australian trio embrace new beginnings.

Taking their sound to a different level, The Glow is full of tracks with big attitude, big confidence and exhilaration - all rolled into one. A mixture of ballads made for arenas, indie-pop beats and 90s house infusions are greatly overwhelming, but the large cauldron of concoctions works. 

Opener ‘Never Before’ is a swaggering start; it’s a breath of fresh air and doesn’t stray too far from what DMA’s stand for. It offers peachy grooves, funky fresh beats and churning psychedelic sounds overridden by O’Dell’s anthemic vocals. It takes centre stage before two already-released singles ‘The Glow’ and the gorgeous and goosebump-inducing ‘Silver’ battle for the spotlight. 

‘Life Is a Game Of Changing’ is one of their most exploratory songs to date. Taking a step into rave culture with strong, whirling beats, DMA’s are in their own techno world as they take this album to the next step. Pulsating with strong synth tones and smooth vocal ranges, it’s bittersweet and addictive. ‘Criminals’ follows, starting with deep piano chords. A completely different approach to the previous whirlwind tune, it soon explodes into a pop melody. Once again, DMA's explore their different options and approaches while staying in their chosen lane: this song is destined to be a favourite amongst their fans. 

‘Strangers’ is a personal favourite, hopping back to the natural DMA’s form: the sweet, faultless track embraces those laidback pulses and caramel smooth vocals. It’s a beautiful ode that comes before the recently-released ‘Learning Alive’, a slow and passionate track that oozes with charm. 

‘Hello Girlfriend’ follows suit, and the imagery of standing in the midst of a crowded DMA’s gig with a pint in hand is ripe for the picking. Intertwined with fast-paced gestures and acoustic melodies, it’s simply dreamy. ‘Appointment’ carries through the theme of emotion. It’s gentle, warm and trickles with sensitivity, and the subtle hint of guitar riffs complete this song with authenticity. 

As the record draws to a close ‘Round & Around’ smothers you with energy. The echoes of O'Dell’s vocals are a swirling ball of energy, casting a shadow over the previous emotional songs. It’s a thrilling rollercoaster of euphoria and each element of the song overflows with Britpop infused sounds. Final track ‘Cobracaine’ leaves the most surprising element to this album until last: it's a song that acts as a foundation of many things the band can do, showing off their true flexibility and talent and is an alluring end to the album.

The Glow moulds DMA’s versatility together with their exploration of different genres. The trio sure know how to do it and they’ve pulled it out the bag.

The Glow is released on 10 July 2020 via Infectious Music.

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