‘A testament of artistic growth’
Tommy Monroe
11:45 24th March 2020

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It’s been four years since the release of Låpsley’s debut album, Long Way Home. Since then, she has experienced some personal growth and channeled that to create her most recent projects. Her new album, Through Water is a continuation of what was started with her EP, These Elements last year. Along with some songs on the EP, the album features similar themes of love, physical desire, depression, and self-worth. On the new project, she keeps things short and very sweet. After spending 34 minutes analysing her clever lyrics and experimental production one can only conclude that the album is a testament of artistic growth.

To really enjoy a Låpsley single, you have to pay attention. She is an unpredictable singer who adds interesting twists to her music (especially in the production). The first track, ‘Through Water’ is a spoken word—over piano chords—about the impact of climate change. Mid-way through the song, she adds other sounds to make it more interesting. Meanwhile, she creates magic with cymbals on ‘My Love Was Like the Rain’. 

One of the most special tracks on the album is ‘Ligne 3’. In it, she reminisces about a failed relationship and draws listeners in with lyrics that tug at heartstrings and a chorus that gives goosebumps. She sings in the first verse, “Light feels the room with heat, but my cold words freeze the scene.” Anyone who listens to this after a break-up is sure to bawl their eyes out but also find comfort in the tone of her voice. 

‘Speaking of the End’ is another standout on Through Water. Unlike most of the other songs which are filled with different elements production-wise, ‘Speaking of the End’ has a simple structure that allows her voice shine. Not only does it feature one of the best choruses on the project, it’s also an example of how good Låpsley is as a songwriter. She sings, “Memories fall like drops of rain, pours in the summer and freezes me by the end”.

Lyrically the album is filled with so many beautiful similes and metaphors that there wouldn’t be enough space to quote them all. Also, the song titles make you want to listen to the song. They are an example of the kind of beautiful and clever lyrics she composes. Songs like ‘Sadness is a Shape of Blue’, ‘Leeds Liverpool Canal’, ‘My Love Was Like the Rain’ make music lovers curious. Through Water is arguably the best project in her discography right now. Unlike her debut album which she made with a lot of help, she produced and wrote all the songs on this record. After four years, perfecting her craft, it is evident that the singer is a more confident producer.

Through Water is out now via XL Recordings.

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