As part of Annie Mac Presents
Melissa Darragh
16:52 6th March 2020

Annie Mac Presents brought big tunes and bold vibes as it welcomed Katy J Pearson, Cabbage and Blossoms to set the foundations of London’s classiest new venue, Lafayette. 

The miserable weather is left behind as the crowd are ushered through to the venue, finding a gorgeous new interior yet to be burdened with the plague of sweaty walls and sticky floors. As the crowd begin to flow through the doors, Katy J Pearson makes a prompt start with a slow, acoustic style, drawing the crowd in with her laidback Americana-esque vibe.

An up-and-coming gem within the ever-impressive Heavenly Recordings roster, Pearson’s songs channel everyone from Cate le Bon to Stevie Nicks, and with a strong band behind her, she soon has everyone bobbing along. New Single ‘Hey You’ is a highlight as Pearson shows off her beautifully-free yet powerful voice. Her timeless vocal features the kind of subtle quirks which make those earworms even more persistent. Ending with ‘Tonight’ it feels like Pearson grows into her performance, leaving the crowd wanting more.

As 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!' by Abba begins to blast over the sound system, it's clear the night is about to switch gears. Manchester band Cabbage storm on stage with playful grins and let loose with a loud and rhythmic wall of sound, immediately demanding the attention of everyone in the crowd. Loud, brash and full of so much angst they can hardly get their words out, Cabbage bring a northern flair to the post-punk scene.

Behind their tongue-in-cheek persona and chaotic stage presence, Cabbage deliver a mixture of old and new playful yet politically charged tunes. Old favourites like 'Terrorist Synthesiser’ feature alongside new songs, including 'Once Upon a Time In the North', before the set is brought to a close with the thundering 'Uber Capitalist Death Trade'. Although there are a few more polished moments, their set favours attitude over accuracy, bringing an audacious high energy, which is never quite matched by the crowd. 

Strobe lights illuminate the room as Blossoms, the final act of the evening, strut on stage. Having enjoyed much success throughout their career, Blossoms stand cool and collected beneath the shiny chrome arch of the Lafayette stage, delivering a polished sound from the offset. The crowd erupted with joy as they kick off with ‘Your Girlfriend’. The hair is longer and the sound is slicker than ever.

Blossom’s synth-studded indie rock features catchy melodies and clean vocals, with some bongos thrown in for good measure. From euphoric crowd surfing during ‘Getaway’ to infectious dancing during ‘Sunday Was A Friend Of Mine’, the band have the crowd wholly invested, maintaining enthusiasm throughout as they deliver hit after hit.

As the opening riff of the final song, ‘Charlemagne’, chimes out around the venue, the crowd immediately throw themselves into screaming along with the guitar part, as is customary for the lad-rock indie anthem it has become. Delivering a stellar performance from start to finish, Blossoms remain a young band who have proven that they remain on the rise.

Photo: Katie McLellan-Salisbury