Combining a foreboding anxiety with bubbling optimism
Malvika Padin
12:07 9th January 2020

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American singer and YouTube personality Poppy’s third studio album I Disagree is the perfect description of her persona; a mysterious air intertwining with a little bit of childlike naïveté and a lot of mature empowerment. 

The record starts off strong with the jarring sonics of ‘Concrete’, which effortlessly switches between a foreboding, dark soundscape and a sugary-sweet pop tune. Two distinct sounds merge, yet stand apart with awe-inspiring ease. Poppy doesn’t miss a beat, continuing this trend of two unique styles melted into a pot of one as the empowering, anthemic title track brings quiet, whispered vocals with booming metal instrumentals; only two songs into the 10-track production we’re already presented with what could easily be four different tracks, and it’s pure genius on the part of the enigmatic artist. 

‘BLOODMONEY’ and ‘Anything Like Me’ disobey this technique however, sticking more strictly to the metal pop genre but it doesn’t dampen the pace of her artistry which carries onto ‘Fill The Crown’. 

At the halfway point, ‘Nothing I Need’ highlights Poppy’s sweet, wispy vocals after the instrumental-dominated first half, and this is everything needed to make this body of work complete. It’s a standout in every way, particularly considering the fact it’s followed by the electro-heavy ‘Sit, Stay’ where her auto-tuned, robotic voice is drowned out by a catchy beat, and the thumping rock-out session of ‘Bite Your Teeth’. 

But just as listeners let their guard down, Poppy’s emotive vocals make a powerful, yet mellow, comeback with penultimate track ‘Sick of the Sun’ leaving a mounting anticipation for the final song.  The mystical ‘Don’t Go Outside’ exceeds every expectation with its overwhelming simplicity – as acoustic guitars and lullaby-esque vocals suddenly boom with electronics before calming down as the final lyrics, “Everything will be okay” lulls you in as you let yourself be taken in by Poppy’s wondrous world. 

A true masterpiece in almost every way imaginable - the only shortcoming being the fact that her brilliant voice wasn’t given more opportunities to shine - I Disagree, is the perfect album to start 2020 with. It combines a foreboding anxiety with bubbling optimism and hope, what better way to describe the beginning of a new decade? 

I Disagree is released on 10 January 2020 via Sumerian Records. 

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