An EP that will burst eardrums, shake buildings and inspire pure punk rage
Charlie Brock
11:37 28th October 2021

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Witch Fever are without a doubt one of Manchester’s hottest new bands: already cult heroes, their mixture of post-rock, punk and metal make for an EP that will burst eardrums, shake buildings and inspire pure punk rage. 

They open their EP Reincarnate with the title track. This is classic Witch Fever and sees them at their very best from the starting gun. The track writhes and lurches to its nu-metal sound, before building to an ultimate climax. Witch Fever are not here to fuck around.

'The Resurrect' is a highlight, seeing WF follow the well-trodden loud/quiet path. They bring their own spin to the dynamic, with some filthy, grunge-y guitar and a breakdown that will doubtlessly inspire circle pits wherever they play. WF do not give you a moment to breathe: 'Abject' is one of the softer cuts from Reincarnate...until the band put the track in a tailspin and kick the intensity up a notch (or ten), that is. 

'In Birth' is another highlight, and anyone who was lucky enough to catch Witch Fever touring with Bob Vylan will know this track. They channel an energy throughout Reincarnate that inspires you to smash shit up: they play with such ferocity and passion that it is impossible not to feel some of the energy yourself. 

'Initiation' is the highlight of the EP: the track opens with an early-Muse style bassline, sludgy and totally filthy. The track builds to a climactic chorus, before we move back to the sludge-groove verse.

This is a band with such clear talent, and if you aren’t picking this EP up from your local record shop you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

Reincarnate EP arrives 29 October via Sony's Music for Nations

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