Expect the unexpected
Matty Pywell
20:34 20th March 2020

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Poppy has shared a new self-directed video for her single ‘Sit/Stay’, the fifth single to be taken from her album I Disagree, released back in January.

It is an unsurprisingly weird effort from the persona-shifting artist who recently turned to metal as a creative output. Poppy finds herself naked and bald, trapped inside the white walls of an isolated cell in medical isolation where she battles through padded cells under the control of an unidentified source. The song seems to blur between influences of metal and pop, mainly bracing in nature with clear influence from an artist such as Marilyn Manson.

When jarring bass isn’t firing an attack at you, the track cuts into moments of relief where the instrumentals tone down, with a different more neutral persona. It’s a calm in the eye of the storm, letting you relax before unleashing another round of claustrophobia. Watch the video for ‘Sit/Stay’ below:

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