Celebrating ten years of To Lose My Life
Shannon COTTON
12:22 10th December 2019

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The debut album is a career-defining milestone in any band’s trajectory. Often the cause of any pressure that comes with releasing material thereafter, it’s more often than not a seminal pillar to a band’s fans, and the reason they fall in love with them in the first place. Tonight (6 December) at O2 Academy Brixton, White Lies are performing their seminal debut album, To Lose My Life, in full - the reason why so many fell in love with them to begin with. 

Harry McVeigh’s unmistakeable baritone-esque vocal is just as distinctive as it was ten years ago. Although you’d be hard-pressed to hear it in its full glory as the singalong of 5,000 White Lies fans echo around the South London venue. It’s the first of two nights in this room for the trio, and there’s an undeniable essence of unity as grown men throw their arms around one another, pints aloft, marking the power of music and the power of love. 

There’s no setlist spoilers tonight, everyone knows exactly what they’re here for. “I love the feeling when we lift off,” is a fitting opening line as they start with ‘Death’. The atmosphere is instantly electric. The lingering organ keys introducing ‘Unfinished Business’ reinforce the somewhat holy theme of the evening, as the aforementioned 5,000 fans hang on to every word and every riff, like it's 2009. Other singles like the title track and ‘Farewell To The Fairground’ send the crowd into a euphoric frenzy, as to be expected. These songs still sound fresh and it's a testament to the three-piece's talent to sound so timeless. 

A landmark gig for a landmark album, you can’t help feeling part of something special throughout the night. And so for our final evaluation of the evening, just what is 'The Price Of Love’? About 30 quid for a ticket, a tenner for a two pint cup of Carlsberg and To Lose My Life played from start to finish is a good guess. 

White Lies played:
‘To Lose My Life’
‘A Place To Hide’
‘Fifty On Our Foreheads’
‘Unfinished Business’
‘From The Stars’
‘Farewell To The Fairground’
‘Nothing To Give’
‘The Price Of Love’
‘Time To Give’
‘There Goes Our Love Again’
‘Take It Out On Me’
‘Morning in LA’
‘Is My Love Enough’
‘Big TV’
‘Hurt My Heart

‘Bigger Than Us’

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Photo: Aryan Jafri