Matt Cardle and many more
Gaby Whitehill

14:37 2nd January 2014

Matt Cardle challenged the cliche that it's just wild rock stars and rappers who battle with drug addiction, as he entered a rehab clinic on 29 December 2013 to overcome his addiction to prescription drugs.

However, Cardle isn't the only unlikely musician to admit drug abuse. Take a look at some surprising drug confessions from the most unbelievable stars, including opera darling Katherine Jenkins and squeaky clean Justin Timberlake.

  • Katherine Jenkins: Opera singer and grandad's favourite Jenkins admitted to regularly indulging in class A drugs whilst studying at the Royal Academy of Music. "I resisted for quite a long time but after a while I just joined in," she confessed.

  • Justin Timberlake: Squeaky clean superstar Timberlake admitted that he was high when he was famously ''Punk'd'' by Ashton Kutcher. The 'Suit & Tie' singer has since said it was a "trippy experience".

  • Joss Stone: The Devon singer admitted to smoking weed almost everyday, adding that she doesn't consider it a drug, and thought of it as "more of a herb".

  • Bruno Mars: The man who penned the soppy 'Marry You' would never indulge in drugs right? Wrong. Mars got caught in a Vegas bathroom with nearly three grams of cocaine and served 200 hours of community service as punishment.

  • Demi Lovato: Disney star Lovato (and former X Factor US judge) admitted to taking cocaine to maintain the high of performing to thousands of people. The singer also stated that promoters would entice her to return to their clubs not with money, but with drugs and alcohol.

  • Adam Levine: Maroon 5's image isn't exactly one of wild hedonism and drug abuse, but frontman Adam Levine recently remarked that his use of magic mushrooms was incredibly beneficial; allowing him to get in touch with the "wonderment" of his childhood.

  • Howard Donald: It turns out Robbie Williams isn't the only bad boy of Take That; it was reported that band mate Donald cheated on his wife with a married woman whilst high on cannabis. Tut tut.

  • Matt Cardle: X Factor winner Cardle reiterated the old cliche that it's 'always the quiet ones' when he revealed he has checked himself into rehab for an addiction to prescription drugs, specifically valium and temazepam.

Photo: WENN