You can't please everyone
Gaby Whitehill

11:37 6th December 2013

2013 is nearly over and the internet is awash with lists of the best albums of the year, giving us a good overall glimpse as to which artists really hit the mark with their releases.

The same names spring up of course, CHVRCHES' great debut The Bones of What You Believe, Bowie's comeback The Next Day, and James Blake's Mercury prize winning Overgrown - but not EVERYBODY loved these albums, of course. And they've let it be known on Amazon.

We've collected some of the most eye-wateringly nasty reviews of the best reviewed albums of 2013, claiming Win Butler "can't hold a note to save his life", Arctic Monkeys have gone "down the crapper" and James Blake actually hurts someone's ears. Thank you, mad reviewers of Amazon.

  • Daft Punk - Random Access Memories: "I don't write a lot of reviews, but being a fan of Daft Punk and really looking forward for this album to be released, I honestly can't believe how bad this album is. It's like the elevator music greatest hits and every song reminds me of those old Harvester adverts with that song "going to make it a night to remember". Just drab, boring, repetitive and quite basically unlistenable."

  • David Bowie - The Next Day: "I am really surprised by this album. Disappointed. It sounds samey, it sounds boring, it sounds amateur. It sounds like a bunch of bored, middle-aged farts trying to make a good album and failing. The production and mastering are horrible too, like mud and treacle. This album isn't worth your time or money."

  • Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork: "Listening to this album is like trying to ride a bike with a flat tyre up a hill. It was recommended to me by just about everyone I know with a passing interest in guitar music, but I'm not getting the hype at all. If these guys were around in 1975 maybe their generic, dirgy pub-rock might make some kind of sense, but in 2013 it's slightly mystifying..."

  • Kanye West - Yeezus: "I have to give some stars in spite of this rubbish being the worst I have had the misfortune to hear. Witless, barely literate and recycled from many other sources I would rather go deaf than listen to another moment from this crap."

  • Arcade Fire - Reflektor: "The lead 'singer' can't hold a note to save his life. And they keep chucking in French just to, y'know, be arty (aka pretentious). Canada isn't too great at giving us great bands. Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Nickleback. It's all terrible. Avoid like the absolute plague unless you're partial to having the musical equivalent of icepicks stabbing you in the ears for 75 long, LONG minutes."

  • James Blake - Overgrown: "I'm all for experimental and 'difficult' music, but this one just doesn't do it for me. I have put it on a few times but I just have to put something else on as it hurts my ears - it is a long time since I have felt like this with a piece of music! It reminds me of a previous Mercury winner, Antony and the Johnsons, which I wasn't too keen on either. Dirge-like and depressing."

  • CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe: "This CD sounds like it was recorded on a small portable tape recorder in someone's shed, the sound quality is dreadful. The only decent track is the first one and then they seem to have run out of ideas. The poor girl singer sounds like someone was trying to throttle her most of the time. A dire album, Beach House this isn't."

  • Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of the City: "Loved Vampire Weekend's first album and even though it was more patchy I really loved the new sounds they were exploring on Contra but this new record is just bad! VW's strength was never the songwriting, it was always more the ideas, cool influences and cool production for me. This new record is more of a stripped back "songwriting" album and i think it really shows their limitations. The songs have boring obvious arrangements and melodies that sound like you have heard them before somewhere? Also quite alot of the songs sound quite annoying :("

  • The National - Trouble Will Find Me: "It's hard to share the views of the majority of reviewers. I just hear a monotonous lyrics sung in a monotonous voice. If you want to know how it's done try the superb Bastille's Bad Blood album."

  • Arctic Monkeys - AM: "The worst Arctic Monkeys album to date, utterly rubbish. It's a shame to see such a decent band go down the crapper."