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12:33 15th December 2010

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After unveiling our Best Albums Of 2010 last week, Gigwise today reveals its Best Songs Of 2010.

The list, voted for by Gigwise writers, includes songs that were released as singles, as well as standalone tracks and blog releases.

Songs by Kanye West, Blur, LCD Soundsystem, Tinie Tempah, Four Tet, Morning Parade and Warpaint.

Gigwise Editor Jason Gregory said: “As our Best Songs Of 2010 list shows, this year has seen musicians across the board deliver a some incredible tracks that will last long after the year ends. And as for our number one - well that was an instant classic.”

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Check out our Gigwise Top 50 Songs Of 2010 Spotify playlist and don't forget you can check out our Best Albums Of The Year.

  • 50 - Scissor Sisters, 'Any Which Way': As flamboyant as you can get, the Scissor Sisters' 'Any Which Way' was a classic pop filled two minute gem.

  • 49 - Darwin Deez, 'Radar Detector': The New York producers 'Radar Detector' set indie dancefloors alight this year.

  • 48 - Best Coast, 'Boyfriend': 'Boyfriend' is the ultimate teenage break-up get over yourself song. Refreshing vocals against catchy guitar hooks, just the ticket.

  • 47 - Daft Punk, 'Derezzed': Taken from the soundtrack to Tron: Legacy, 'Derezzed' is a vintage house classic from the French duo.

  • 46 – Underworld, 'Scribble': Underworld made their return with album 'Barking'. 'Scribble' sees them crossover into drum & bass territory by teaming up with producer High Contrast.

  • 45 - Professor Green, 'Just Be Good To Green': The London rapper teamed up with Lily Allen on his reworked version of The SOS Band's classic 'Just Be Good To Me'. Love it or hate it, it's far too catchy.

  • 44 - The Drums, 'Let's Go Surfing': The Drums know how to make a good simple pop song. 'Let's Go Surfing' is taken from the Brooklyn band's debut album and took us all back to those summer nights.

  • 43 - Flying Lotus, 'And The World Laughs With You': Flying Lotus the master of mind blowing beats teams up with Thom Yorke to create this mesmerising track.

  • 42 - Fenech Soler, 'Lies': Easily the best song from the band's debut album, 'Lies' is a dance-floor filler. Incredible.

  • 41 - Paul Weller, 'Wake Up The Nation': Possibly one of Weller's finest album's since 'Wild Wood', 'Wake Up The Nation' delivered an impressive take on modern life. ''Get your face out the Facebook, and turn off the phone,'' is one of the many genius lyrics on this single.

  • 40 – Lostprophets, 'Where We Belong': Where We Belong' is by far the most pop oriented song the Lostprophets have ever done. This said their punchy chorus' and thoughts on religion made this a massive hit.

  • 39 - Vampire Weekend, 'Giving Up The Gun': Vampire Weekend's 'Giving Up The Gun' is an astounding mix of guitars, electronic beats and perfect harmonies.

  • 38 – Tensnake, 'Coma Cat': Tensnake are on of dance music's rising producers, 'Coma Cat' brings together 80s house music and R&B flavours.

  • 37 – MGMT, 'Flash Delirium': MGMT's follow-up 'Congratulations' took a huge step away from their hit filled debut. 'Flash Delirium' features everything from flutes and horns to Beatles inspired guitars... a true psychedelic trip.

  • 36 - Beady Eye, 'Bring The Light': Beady Eye's 'Bring The Light' has to be one of the most anticipated singles of the year and after the wait, Liam Gallagher certainly does not disappoint. With 60s inspired guitar riffs and hard hitting vocals, 2011 is set to be a good year for this band.

  • 35 – Kele, 'On The Lam': Stepping away from Bloc Party, Kele took a brave step towards a dance filled album. 'On The Lam' is succeeds in creating a 4am morning rave.

  • 34 – Rihanna, 'Rude Boy': How can a song that contain the lyrics 'Come on rude boy, boy Can you get it up? Come here rude boy, boy is you big enough?' not be a major hit.

  • 33 – Hurts, 'Better Than Love': The Manchester duo's debut was a leading album of the year. 'Better Than Love' was a hard hitting,loud sounding lead single that brought electro-pop back.

  • 32 - The Radio Dept, 'Heaven's On Fire': Heaven's On Fire' is a perfect slice of Swedish pop from The Radio Dept's third album 'Clinging to a Scheme'.

  • 31 - Brandon Flowers, 'Crossfire': The Killers frontman stepped out alone for his first solo effort 'Flamingo'. First single 'Crossfire' manages to just about keep away from The Killers sound and instead shows off the distinctive sound of Flowers.

  • 30 - Lil Wayne, 'I'm Single': The rapper may have been in prison for the last year but that hasn't stopped him producing a killer of a track. With as simple as can get video, 'I'm Single' tells us all of Lil Wayne's trouble with love.

  • 29 – Yesayer, 'Ambling Alp': 'Ambling Alp' is the peak in Yesayer's new album 'Odd Blood', a crazy beast of an imperfect pop song.

  • 28 – Delphic, 'Red Lights': Delphic's debut 'Acolyte' had a number of hit singles but album track 'Red Lights' was a mind blowing mix of 90s Orbital and early Chemical Brothers that got you on your feet.

  • 27 - The Black Keys, 'Next Girl': 'Next Girl' is a clear reminder of why Black Keys have finally received the mainstream success they deserved. 'Brothers' is filled with sexy, raw, gritty music and 'Next Girl' is no exception.

  • 26 - Big Boi, 'Shutterbug': Shutterbug' is a glimpse into Big Boi's impressive talents mixing infectious hip-hop beats with unlikely genres.

  • 25 - Gil Scott Heron, 'Me And The Devil': Gil Scott Heron's bluesy track combines dark minimal hip-hop with intense soul.

  • 24 - Kelis, 'Acapella': Who would have thought that the woman who sang about 'My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' could produce such a dance house hit. But newly divorced and with the help of pal David Guetta, Kelis did just that.

  • 23 - Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg, 'California Gurls': 'California Girls' became every body's secret new favourite song. Katy Perry returned blue hair and all with this smash of a single featuring master of cool Snoop Dogg.

  • 22 - Bruno Mars, 'Just The Way Yo Are': Bruno Mar's first debut single 'Just The Way You Are' became a worldwide hit. With a catchy chorus and lyrics as good as ''Oh her eyes, her eyes; Make the stars look like they're not shining'' how could it not be a success.

  • 21 - The Chemical Brothers – 'Swoon': Showing no signs of stopping, The Chemical Brother's 'Swoon' is taken from their seventh album 'Further'. The My Bloody Valentine inspired 'Swoon' signaled the start of Summer.

  • 20 - Nicki Minaj ft Eminem, 'Roman's Revenge': Taken from the rising star's new album, 'Roman's Revenge' sees Minaj team up with another of Hip-Hop's leading men Eminem.

  • 19 - Morning Parade, 'Under The Stars': Their albums not out until next year, but if 'Under The Stars' is anything to go by, 2011 is going to be a big year for Morning Parade.

  • 18 - Kanye West, 'Power': Never a man do stand at the back, Kanye West made his major comeback with lead single 'Power'. The single is classic Kanye, with self-aware lyrics over 'King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man'.

  • 17 - Cee Lo Green, 'Fuck You': The massive hit single 'Fuck You' contained sharp and witty lyrics from the man with more soul than Marvin Gaye - Cee Lo Green.

  • 16 - Gorillaz, 'Doncamatic': Gorillaz third album 'Plastic Beach' took the band to a whole new level with numerous collaborations and mind blowing production. Released after the album, non album track' Doncamatic' sees UK artist Daley take centre stage.

  • 15 - B.o.B ft Hayley Williams, 'Airplanes': B.O.B continued his chart domination after 'Nothin On You' with the irresistible 'Airplanes' featuring Paramore's Hayley Williams. The rapper achieves a perfect balance between mainstream catchy pop and hip-hop.

  • 14 - The National, 'England': The National's 'High Violet' became one of the year's finest releases. 'England' combines the band's poetic talents speaking of cathedrals over properly magisterial drums.

  • 13 - Sleigh Bells, 'Crown On The Ground': Coming at you with a huge bang, Sleigh Bells' 'Crown On The Ground' is a huge party tune delivered by the New York duo with such ease.

  • 12 – Foals, 'Spanish Sahara': Taken Foal's breathtaking album 'Total Life Forever', 'Spanish Sahara' shows their spectacular return with a six minute dream like ride.

  • 11 - Warpaint, 'Undertow': The L.A favourites Warpaint are said to make a big impact in 2011. 'Undertow' taken from their debut 'The Fool' combines their addictive post punk rhythms with gorgeous intimate lyrics.

  • 10 - Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner, 'Written In The Stars': Tine Tempah continues his UK domination by teaming up with Eric Turner to blend hip-hop flavour with catchy guitar riffs.

  • 9 - Four Tet,'Love Cry': From London DJ/Producer Kieran Hebden's 'Love Cry' is a nine minute dance track that combines acid house synths and compulsive vocals.

  • 8 - Everything Everything, 'Schoolin': From one of the best new bands of 2010, Everything Everything's 'Schoolin' is their unique arty pop music at its best.

  • 7 - Blur, 'Fool's Day': Blur's triumphant return with 'Fools Day', ''Porridge done, I take my kid to school, past the pound shop, Woolworths'', back to the band we know and love.

  • 6 - Arcade Fire, 'We Used To Wait': Taken from Gigwise's top album 'The Suburbs', 'We Used To Wait' contains all that is truly breathtaking and brilliant about Arcade Fire's album.

  • 5 - Duck Sauce, 'Barbra Streisand': The utterly brilliant 'Barbra Streisand' is the work of Kanye collaborator A-Track and DJ Armand Van Helden. The weird and wonderful!

  • 4 - LCD Soundsystem, 'I Can Change': Taken from what is said to be LCD Soundsystem's last album, 'I Can Change' is certainly a way to go out with a bang.

  • 3 - My Chemical Romance, 'Na Na Na': My Chemical Romance returned with a dramatic change of image and sound for new album 'Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys'. Lead single 'Na Na Na' is beyond catchy.

  • 2 - Lady Gaga ft Beyonce, 'Telephone': If world domination wasn't enough for Lady Gaga she teamed up with Beyonce to create a single and music video that were at another level.

  • 1 - Kanye West ft Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj, 'Monster': Kanye West reclaimed his title as King of Hip - Hop with single 'Moster', taken from new album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. The single features rising star Nicki Minaj as well as old pal Jay-Z.

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