Featuring the Radiohead bear, Eddie The Head and more...

15:32 9th April 2009

Featuring iconic mascots for Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Kanye West, Megadeth, Motorhead and many more. Some characters are so iconic, they're more famous than the band themselves...

  • Megadeth's Vic Rattlehead – The skeletal figure with eye visor and clamped mouth has appeared on a number of the thrash metal band's albums, including a return after an 11 year hiatus on 2001's 'The World Needs A Hero'. Nice.

  • Bad Manners' Fat Man - Parodying the Michelin man, Bad Manners, with the help of artist David Farren, gave the mascot a dark side and a new personality to boot

  • Motorhead's Snaggletooth – The fanged face of Snaggletooth B. Motörhead has become synonymous with the band ever since artist Joe Petango created it for their eponymous debut album in 1977. Nothing short of iconic.

  • Kanye West's Dropout Bear – The 'cute' teddy bear has featured on the cover of three of Kanye West's four albums. Not only that, he's a mainstay on single sleeves and music videos.

  • Iron Maiden's Eddie The Head – Created by Derek Riggs, Eddie is perhaps the most enduring band mascot of all time, featuring perennially on the rockers' album covers and during their live shows. He's even appeared in the video game 'Ed Hunter'.

  • Hammerfall's Hector – The black knight has arguably become more famous than the Swedish heavy metal band themselves. He first appeared on Hammerfall's 1997 debut Glory to the Brave (above) and has stayed with the band ever since.

  • The Misfits' Fiend Skull – Based on a poster for the film serial 'The Crimson Ghost', The Misfits' skeletal figure made its first appearance on the 1979 single 'Horror Business'. Soon the image became the band's mascot and then their defining logo.

  • The Specials' Walt Jabsco – Designed by Jerry Dammers and Horace Panter the dancing ska man Walt Jabsco struts a variety of dance moves on the bands sleeves. Highly iconic.

  • Jamiroquai's Buffalo Man – You can love or hate Jay Kay and Jamiroquai, but one thing's for sure - their mascot is nothing short of genius. The simple Buffalo man silhouette is instantly recognisable and identifiable with the funk act.

  • Avenged Sevenfold's Deathbat – Not just settling for a skull like The Misfits, Avenged Sevenfold give us this bat/human hybrid. Simple, but devastatingly effective, the design has appeared on two of the rockers' album sleeves.

  • Disturbed's The Guy – The sinister figure has reared his ugly head on two Disturbed albums – 'Ten Thousand Fists' and 'Indestructible'. He was fully became a fully animated figure in the promo video for their Genesis cover 'Land Of Confusion'.

  • In Flames' Jesterhead – Devised by singer Anders Fridén and former guitarist Niklas Sundin, Jesterhead was created to promote the Swedish death metal band's 1995 album 'The Jester Race'. It's appeared on every cover in some veiled form ever since.

  • The Grateful Dead's Skull - Bob Thomas designed the skull and flash design back in 1969, but it wasn't until it was used for the cover to 1976 live album 'Steal Your Face' that it became entrenched in rock history.

  • Radiohead's Bear – Go to any student campus around the globe and you'll see countless indie kids in t-shirts emblazoned with the Stanley Donwood created, wired-looking logo.