The little girl from Nirvana's 'Heart Shaped Box' video has a child of her own now
Alexandra Pollard
15:30 15th February 2016

Of course, the most famous Nirvana-related child star is - and always will be - the swimming baby on the cover of Nevermind. But a close second, and one near to the hearts of many diehard fans, is the creepy little girl in the controversial 'Heart Shaped Box' video.

This week, 23 years after starring as said creepy little girl, Kelsey Rohr finally reunited with Dave Grohl. The photo of the pair together, Rohr no longer creepy, Grohl no longer in his 20s, went viral. But what about the other ordinary people who starred in videos, or on album covers, that went on to become iconic? 

Well, here's what happened to them.