13 pearls of wisdom from the late, great, king of rock n' roll
Andrew Trendell
10:54 29th December 2015

A true legend has left us, as the rock god Lemmy has passed away. Still rocking at age 70, many of us thought that the Motorhead icon would be immortal. Alas, in his own words, he was killed by death. To celebrate the true class of this absolute hero, here are 13 of his all time greatest quotes. 

Not only was he an early pioneer of hard rock and metal, but he helped shape the very notion of what rock n' roll is - through his relentless work ethic, his spirit, attitude and sheer love of the music and lifestyle. 

Those ideas came to light in his countless pearls of wisdom - and no one collected more than Lemmy on his long, long journey down the road of rock n' roll. Here are 13 of his greatest quotes.