The musical wisdom of Mark, Jez and Super Hans
Andrew Trendell

22:33 10th November 2015

Peep Show returns tonight for series nine - its final ever season. While we prepare ourselves to bid farewell to Mark, Jez, Super Hans and co, let us take a moment to honour their best quotes. They've treasured us with countless pears of wisdom about life, loss and not growing up - but we're here to talk about music. 

Jez and Hans' various musical endeavours may never have landed them the worldwide fame they deserve, but they certainly have delivered some great lines about the shallow world on rock n' roll. Combine that with Mark's beige tastes and way of life and you've got an encyclopedia of enlightening lessons about the world of music - from why Coldplay are evil and what's wrong with Flaming Lips, to the beauty of touring, and why one must never jam. 

Here are 13 amazing quotes and lesson that Peep Show taught us about music. 

  • Coldplay can be evil

  • The Beatles weren't always right

  • Does anyone really miss the '80s?

  • Not everyone likes The Flaming Lips

  • ...or Mumford & Sons

  • ...or Chemical Brothers

  • Going on tour is not glamorous

  • Musicians have a law of their own

  • The best things in life are free - or stolen

  • There is nothing worse than 'jamming'

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