Don't miss out on back stage antics, studio sessions and musical sneak peaks
James Moore

12:12 17th August 2015

We all know that Snapchat is mostly riddled with terrible footage of drunken club nights, pointless musings and people you're not fond of doing things you care very little about. However, it’s also giving us an insight into the lifestyles of many influential musicians.

There was a time not too long ago when all you could do was idly imagine what your favourite band or artist was up to. Nowadays, you can often swipe your phone to life and take a peak at the private lives of these talented individuals. 

Click ahead for 8 artists you need to follow on Snapchat right now. From Schoolboy Q's pearls of wisdom to Dev Hyne's secret interpretive dance moves and Twin Peaks' drinking habits, there's something for everybody ahead. 

  • Click ahead to see our list of the top 10 musician Snapchat accounts to follow, as well as images of some of their latest, private antics.

  • Schoolboy Q - hoovaq: The TDE rap monster amuses his subscribers by bounding around his LA mansion with his new dog, terrorising his young daughter and providing a peak into the quagmires of touring life. In his most recent snap, he comments on a driver's automobile of choice. "That's the grimiest Mustang of all time."

  • Dev Hynes - kermitkokomo: Devonte Hynes, aka Blood Orange, films footage of intimate studio sessions, new musical snippets and his general day to day activities in Manhattan. Follow him for an artsy insight into the producer's life and the occasional mind bending dance move.

  • Twin Peaks - TwinPeaksDudes: The Illinois rockers post frequently with insights into their touring life and general band dynamic. Their latest blurry Snap gives a clear indication of how they like to unwind after shows/rehearsals etc...

  • Syd - internetsyd: Odd future affiliate and frontwoman for the pop-jazz band The Internet, Syd regularly posts videos from the house that the band shares, showing off their home studio space, as well as their spontaneous trips to carnivals at the beach.

  • Azealia Banks - brujadelbloque: The often outspoken rapper regularly snaps glimpses of backstage shenanigans, vocal warm ups and sneak peaks of music and track listings. Keep your eyes peeled for any snaps concerning feuds with various artists across the popular music sphere.

  • Chance The Rapper - chancetherapper: The Chicago rapper uses his Snapchat to tease new music, give fans a glimpse of his touring life and showcase his eccentric Social Experiment band mates. A couple of weeks ago, he used the app to reveal news of his mind boggling freestyle album collaboration with the one and only, Lil B.

  • Frank Ocean - arealglitterboy: The ever elusive singer-songwriter rarely emerges on any social media platform. However, we'd put money on him using this instantaneous app to give desperate fans an indication on the release of his mystery album.

  • Arkells - arkellsmusic: The Canadian rockers can always be relied on for zany and humorous snapchats that have little do with anything, but will certainly put a smile on your face. Who the hell is Dave Stieb, though?

Photo: Snapchat