Joe Irvine was called 'creepy' and 'disgusting' by judges
Alexandra Pollard

10:38 17th March 2015

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Despite the fact there's every chance you hadn't heard of Natalia Kills, Willy Moon, or X Factor New Zealand until a few days ago, the show's recent bullying debacle has led to a public outcry and the pair's firing - and now Lorde has sent the bullied contestant cupcakes and a handwritten card.

Kills and Moon, who are married and both low-to-moderately successful musicians, accused contestant Joe Irvine live on air of being "creepy" and "disgusting" and copying Moon's style, asking, "Do you not have any respect for originality? You're a laughing stock. You make me sick." Irvine was wearing a suit - apparently a clothing item copyrighted by Moon.

Moon also compared Irvine to Psycho's Norman Bates, and said, "I feel like you're going to stitch someone's skin to your face and then kill everybody in the audience." The pair have now been fired from the show. 

Watch Willy Moon and Natalia Kills savage an X Factor contestant below

Irvine has now been sent cupcakes and a message of support from fellow New Zealander Lorde, who wrote, "Hi Joe, Just wanted to say: your individuality, positive energy and spirit are infectious! I think you're doing an awesome job on the show so far. I'm a performer too, and I wanted to say that no matter how many people make fun of me for how I dress, move and act, I'm being me - and that's important. Good luck and lots of love, Lorde." 

Ed Sheeran has also tweeted the X Factor contestant a message of support.

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