Calls the rapper out for spending more time on fashion than rapping
Peter Kandunias

10:47 25th January 2015

This weekend, British rapper Chip visited Radio 1 & 1xtra to perform on the ‘Fire In The Booth’ segment on Charlie Sloth’s show.

The most noticeable thing about Chip’s performance were the shots taken at fellow British MC Tinie Tempah, with whom he has previously collaborated. During his freestyle, Chip rapped: “I left the pizza boys that thought I won’t deliver again, you say you’re gonna be around, let’s see who is in the end.”

This is thought to be a dig at Tinie due to the fact that he has a track called ‘Pizza Boy’.

Watch the freestyle and the interview below

Chip also spoke to Charlie Sloth in a long interview about the rap scene and mentioned Tinie at one portion, saying: “How can you be the MC for the country and you MC in the room with other MCs of the country. That don’t make no sense.” Chip also expressed his dissaproval of Tinie using his fame to simply appear at fashion parties instead of making intelligent music or being a voice for his community.

Indeed, Tinie is making a name for himself in the fashion industry as he was recently chosen as the new men’s ambassador long London Menswear Collections, replacing Nick Grimshaw.


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