First ever CD release from pioneering 80s duo Lapre on its way via specialist Hamburg label
Cai Trefor
13:23 26th July 2018

The Bueau B label are proud to present the release of Lapre - Auferstehung (Elektronische Musik aus Berlin 1983/1984), a compilation album out 7 September on CD.

The label reliably dig out great music that's been largely forgotten apart from in some niche circles and elevate it to new audiences. This time around they've turned their attention to the wonderful experimental electronic duo Lapre - who take influence from the Berlin School - to present the most evocative tracks from the duo's short-lived existence.

And when we say short-lived, it truly was: in 1983 they only released two tapes - Fledan and Flokati - and put out 30 to 50 copies of each just to sell at gigs. In 1984 they had a 12" called Oese that travelled slightly further. With their music so difficult to get ahold of it's remkable to see the label bring out the best of tracks on CD for the first time ever.

The pioneering duo formed when Rudolf Langer's avant-garde electronic project Tyndall feel apart after four years on the Neu-affiliated Sky Records and he met guitarist Peter Preuß. They began to weave their disparate backgrounds to create a mix of analog synths and computerised drums with guitars, a combination that was unchartered at the time.

Spurred on perhaps at the knowledge they were doing something unique, it's a project that saw yielded impressive results. There's everything from repetitive sequencer patterns and synth pop to atmospheric, hypnotic minor key expanses. You'll see said diversity by hearing the album sampler below. One to bookmark in or pre-order, we reckon.

Photo: Press