Kraut-pop trio Gulp unveil their second studio album in full exclusively via Gigwise
Cai Trefor
12:55 30th July 2018

Gulp have continually spiked Gigwise's interest over the past few years thanks to their knack for bewitching pop with a kraut and psychedelia bent; references that are to be expected when there's a Super Furry Animal in the band.

But the once Cardiff-based three-piece – Super Furry musician Guto Pryce and vocalist Lyndsey Levan have recently moved to Scotland; guitarist Gid Goundrey remains in Cardiff – are treading their own path. Largely, this is down to Levan's ethereal Duke Spirit/Goldfrapp-esque lead vocals being so distinctive and powerful.

Having said that, singling out one asset feels almost like sacrilege when everything that's going on is utterly brilliant. They've a masterful ability to hone in on tones that have the most mesmerising impact, and there's surprising shifts in style and mood happening within each song, keeping us on our toes as a listener.

We're also mindful that we've framed Pryce as a member of Super Furry Animals. This can be intereperted that we're casting this off as a side project when the mention of Pryce’s day job/life-passion in SFA is merely to bring context. Listen to Gulp's music and you’ll hear astute compositions from wholehearted, dedicated individuals, pushed to the limits and achieving their bewitching vision. It's work that the word side-project just doesn't make sense for. Pryce seems someone who'll give everything to whatever project he's on at any given time.

This new album, All Good Wishes, is perhaps the most dedicated and complete we’ve felt they’ve ever been. It’s built similarly to an electronic album, with them approaching it as soundscapes and spending three years on it in their homestudio in South Wales. Ultimately, we’re absolutely thrilled to present this music exclusively on Gigwise today, ahead of its official release on E.L.K Records this Friday.

We’ve heard two singles – ‘I Dream Of Your Song’ and ‘Claudia’ – that were put out ahead of the album, meaning there's nine previously unheard tracks streaming above now. 

Gigwise reviewer Nick Roseblade certainly recommends streaming it. Awarding the album an 8/10 he said it's "A delightfully giddy album, full of clever ideas, hypnotic rhythms and a wild abandon, that gently draws the listener in to Gulp’s velutinous world.” 

All Go Wishes tracklist

1. Search For Your Love
2. Claudia
3. Spend Time Right Here With You
4. I Dream Of Your Song
5. Beam
6. All Good Wishes
7. Morning Velvet Sky
8. Following Rain
9. Ride
10. Watching Ships
11. Silver Tides

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