Fellow musicians pay tribute to 'visionary' and founding member of ASAP Mob
Elliot Mitchell
13:00 18th January 2015

A$AP Yams, the founding member of rap group A$AP MOB, has passed away.

Announced this morning through twitter, the cause of death is currently unknown, though some publications are speculating it could be drug related considering the rap aficionado's past addictions.

Yams, real name Steven Rodriquez founded A$AP Mob, one of the most successful and groundbreaking hip hop collectives in recent years.

After receiving underground acclaim for some time, the group saw mainstream attention when A$AP Rocky, and subsequently A$AP Ferg started to break through in 2012.

Tributes have already poured in for Yams, they can be seen below:

R.I.P YAMS, I LOVE YOU BROTHER http://t.co/Fa90bN68yr

Photo: press