It's either a bargain, or a massive waste of money
Elliot Mitchell

13:03 26th November 2014

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Spice Girls-endorsed crisps from 1997 have appeared on Ebay, available to buy for just £99.99.

The unexpected listing was discovered by Best Fit, and features four packets of novelty branded Walkers crisps with each member of the hugely successful group (apart from Sporty Spice).

The £99.99 starting bid may seem somewhat expensive, but it's worth noting there is a chance to win an actual fiver in each unopened pack, and according to the dated packaging there is apparently also a chance to "win a spicy £100,000" (that competition did end in 1998, but still...)

No one has placed a bid on the crisps yet (a travesty really, especially considering they are four different flavours there), but if you feel the urge to drain your bank balance you can place a bid here.

As is to expected when buying crisps from over 15 years ago, they ran out in 1998, so it's worth noing you shouldn't eat them if you do win.

  • Britney Spears' farts: Perhaps one of the weirdest and most disgusting pieces that has ever been up for sale on eBay, a seller opened a bidding war for tupperware box preserving Britney's noxious gases. In the end it sold for $2,700

  • Elvis' hair: The iconic rock and roll legend has had clippings of his hair sold numerous times to bizarre fans, most recently by hairdresser Homer Gilleland who sold the parts of Elvis he'd preserved for $4,160.

  • John Lennon's tooth: This rather odd piece of Beatles memorabilia was bought by the even stranger Dr. Michael Zuk for $23,000 with the intention of cloning Lennon before 2040.

  • Justin Timberlake's half eaten french toast: After NSync appeared on Z1000 in 2000, the station auctioned the item along with the fork and maple syrup that accompanied the now mouldy piece of partially chewed toast, it sold for $1,025 to a 19-year-old N Sync fan. Tasty.

  • William Shatner's kidney stone: If you ever wanted a little piece of captain Kirk to yourself then your dreams have come true as this arther painful memoir, removed by his doctor for being to big sold for $25,000.

  • Britney Spears' hair: After her breakdown an enterprising individual got their hands on the lost locks attempting to sell them on eBay who promptly shut down the bidding war due to its apparent policy of not selling human body parts.

  • Michael Jackson's underwear: With a reserve of $1,000,000 (sounds reasonable) these possibly stolen briefs belonging to Michael Jackson would complete the decor of a collectors home, that is if he is brave enough to stick them on his mantelpiece.

  • Lady Gaga's fake nail: This discarded piece of Gaga sold for $12,000 after being picked up by an enterprising member of the Aviva stadium in Dublin where a date of the Born This Way tour took place.

  • Suge Knight's underwear: This piece of unwashed clothing worn by gangster hip-hop mogul Suge Knight, went up for auction following the liquidation of Death Row records. They sold for $1, dropped from an asking price of $5.

  • MK's unwashed towel: Horrendous damp sweat rags are a must have for the kind of psycho whose shopping list includes any of the items on this list. At the moment the auction stands at 8,299 quid with four days to go.

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