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by Alexandra Pollard

Paramore pay tribute to Robin Williams at Colorado gig

Hayley Williams also discussed the band's own struggles


Paramore pay tribute to Robin Williams at Colorado gig


Paramore played in Colorado last night (16 August), and they dedicated a performance of 'Last Hope' to Robin Williams, who died last week after battling depression.

Introducing the song, frontwoman Hayley Williams said: "There was a point right before we released the new record, actually when we were writing it, that this song sort of spilled out of us. I realized how sad we had been. We had been in this place where we weren't content or fulfilled anymore.

"It was very scary. It was very depressing, then this song happened, and a light came on. It was amazing how much I realized that I was a part of something... that we, the three of us, were a part of something."

She continued, "I want you to know before you leave tonight that you, being here tonight, listening to any of your favorite bands, writing songs yourself, writing poems, reading books, any of that: you're a part of something. It goes on way longer than any of us will be alive. You are a part of something. Please know that. This song goes out to Robin Williams. It's called 'Last Hope.'"

Watch Paramore dedicate 'Last Hope' to Robin Williams below

Robin Williams, who is no relation to Hayley Williams, committed suicide in his home on Monday (11 August).

Paramore recently cancelled a string of US shows due to Hayley Williams suffering from a chest infection and general exhaustion. 


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