Differences set aside at Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Andrew Trendell
08:33 11th April 2014

In a surprising scene and despite decades of turmoil and bad blood, Courtney Love appeared on stage with the surviving members of Nirvana at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - even hugging Grohl and Novoselic. Watch the moment below. 

Kurt Cobain's widow appeared on stage to pay tribute to her late husband, as Nirvana were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. 

Love and Grohl have experience a very tumultuous relationship since his death, after years of cross words, legal battles and highly-publicised arguments. However, the Hole singer and Foo Fighters frontman put their differences aside, for a moment at least, at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at Brooklyn's Barclay's Centre last night (Thursday 10 April, 2014).

After embracing Grohl and Novoselic on stage, Love told the crowd: "I have a big speech but I’m not going to say it. I just wish Kurt could have been here."

Love then took to Facebook to express her feelings on Dave Grohl:


Inducting the band was Cobain's close friend and REM frontman Michael Stipe, who said: "This is about community. Nirvana tapped into a voice that was yearning to be heard. Keep in mind the times, this was the late 1980s. The idea of America - that hopeful idea - had been dismantled." 

Not only that, but Nirvana also took to the stage to perform live with Lorde, St Vincent, Joan Jett and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. See the performances here

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