Antics took place at singer's low key, understated gig
gigwise intern
09:28 18th February 2014

Miley Cyrus stuffed a fan's thong in her mouth during the third night of her Bangerz tour in Tacoma, USA. LOVELY.

An excited Miley fan tweeted the news rather ecstatically as they watched the show.


The shows have already taken the internet by storm after surreal images surfaced of the singer humping giant hot dogs, smoking fake joints and giving fake oral sex to a person dressed as Bill Clinton - so we're hardly surprised Cyrus is now eating fan's thongs. 

Watch Miley slide onto stage on her own tongue and perform 'SMS (Bangerz)':

To see Miley in action, check out the photos below. We would worry what the hell Billy Ray is going to think, but after watching his jaw-droppingly sleazy and awful video for 'Achy Breaky 2' last week, we daresay the phrase "those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" springs to mind. Or throw thongs, for that matter.

Below - Right then. This is what Miley's Bangerz tour looks like: