They stalked bands at Green Man and love Fallow Cafe
Sam Meaghan
14:03 13th September 2016

You may or may not be aware of Her's, but the band are slowly and surely beginning to make themselves known across the country. The duo, quite differently, consist of a guitar player and singer, as well as, a bass player, and a good old drum machine. The only two releases they have, 'What Once Was', and, 'Dorothy', have amassed 70,000 plays between them and been praised by just about everyone that has heard them.

The band have recently begun hitting the road and have played up and down the country a fair bit over the last couple of months. From festival appearances at Green Man Festival, and headline shows in the city they are based, Liverpool. Her's are not like any other dream-pop outfit out there in at the moment in both stature and style.

We sat down with the band to find out more.

Who are Her’s?

Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading (Honorary member Pierce Brosnan).

What are Her’s?

An international coalition of forces from the north. Norway and Barrow in Furness clashed in Liverpool, and the duo was formed.

Where are Her’s?

Location: At the historical site of the Toxteth Riots (Liverpool basically).

Life location: Fresh faced graduates, ready for the hardships of the industry.

When were Her’s formed?

00:00:01 - 01.01.2015 Full moon. Aquarius.

Explain Your Sound:

Guttural, post depression angst wave, but basically dream pop.

You guys have been playing up and down the country at the moment, and a few festivals, any highlights?

Big shout to Green Man which was just a lovely time, stalking Whitney around the festival grounds was easy.

Favourite venue you have played, and why:

Fallow Cafe is a cozy nook, with generous, hearty meals for the bands. We played there with La Shark a while back. Loved the small intimate stage.

Favourite festival, and why:

Green Man its good for stalking other bands we like. Otherwise lovely.

What has the reaction been like to the two tracks you have already put out?

Overwhelming, we’re all flushed and blushed, people seem to really like it. Someone did a guitar cover on Youtube, believe it or not! Top bombings though, love the people.

Fans are pining for more music, can anything whatsoever be revealed on the next release? Could you even tell us what it smells like? 

Somethings definitely on the way, but we’re gonna have to keep it a bit shrouded in mystery for the time being. As far as smell goes, we reckons it smells strongly of öennenzop. A type of onion soup from Luxembourg. If that gives any insight.

Where can we hear your music?

The music is available for your convenience at any platform near you (mostly).  

What’s a fun fact about the band?

We have a cringe worthy love affair with monster energy that we’ve been trying to kick for 2 years… We’re not writing off sponsorship however.

You can find Her's on Facebook, and Twitter