Apparently he'd been hiding in Peru for 22 years playing guitar right handed
Cai Trefor
10:18 13th September 2016

The conspiracies around Kurt Cobain’s death keep on coming and some fans liked to think he’s faked his own death been hiding out in Peru and been playing guitar right handed.

The ludicrous theory came about as a video of professional Cobain impersonator, Ramiro Saavedra playing Come As You Are, was shared online. And The Daily Mail, being the Daily Mail, took one person’s passing comment of: “OMG Kurt Cobain is still alive” to be a conspiracy theory. But Nirvana have quashed the reported with a healthy dose of cynicism.

But even this this angered some Cobain fans:

While others came to Nirvana’s social media defense:

Nirvana's comment backs this up too as they wrote: 

The Nirvana page also reveals a large amount of people that are adamant Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain. It seems this conspiracy will never go away.

Meanwhile, Nirvana are celebrating 25 years since the release of their seminal album Nevermind, on 24 September. Let's hope there's something great planned.