Singer will no longer perform in Australia or Asia
Alexandra Pollard

12:02 20th December 2013

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Selena Gomez has cancelled the Australia and Asia legs of her tour in order to become "the best person [she] can be."

The singer was scheduled to tour the regions throughout January and February, but has since had a change of heart, that is apparently nothing to do with poor ticket sales whatsoever.

"My fans are so important to me and I would never want to disappoint them." insisted Gomez in a statement.

"But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be."

She added "To my fans, I sincerely apologize and I hope you guys know how much each and every one of you mean to me."

Below: tour distasters - gigs in empty stadiums and tickets that simply won't sell...

  • Kanye West may claim to be more influential than Barack Obama, but his fans don't seem to have got the message. Less than 4,500 fans turned up to watch his Kansas show at a 19,000 capacity arena on Tuesday. Those that did bother to turn up were treated to an eight minute rant. Luckily though, the rest of his tour has gone smoothly. Well, apart from the broken stage equipment, lighting problems, cancellations, rescheduling and claims of racism.

  • Even before Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball was brought to an early end by a broken hip, it wasn't exactly all going swimmingly. Videos emerged of the singer performing to a half empty venue in Moscow shortly after reports of poor ticket sales on the South American leg of her tour. Reports indicated that her Rio show sold just 14,000 out of 86,000 available tickets. She was also criticised for "lying" on twitter about performing to a crowd of 50,000 in Peru, when in fact, it was more like 17,000. Although to be fair, once you get over 10,000, it's probably quite hard to count. "9,245, 9,246... Someone moved. I'm starting again."

  • It was really a case of greed rather than falling popularity that tripped up The Rolling Stones this year. The band initially charged up to $600 a ticket for their North America tour, and even the cheapest were $250. After it became apparent that not all of their fans were willing to re-mortgage their house to see the band live, they were forced to release last minute tickets for just $85 in order to sell out their shows. Surely you don't really need the money guys?

  • Jordin Sparks's 2010 tour was not the success she hoped for. Most venues only sold half of their tickets - in fact, Crystal Ballroom in Portland was reportedly only 10% full. The singer, who won American Idol back in 2007 at the age of 17, is famous for songs such as 'No Air', and... well... some others.

  • With both Jay-Z and Kanye West on the road this Autumn, Drake's September tour had some stiff competition. And it seems he lost. (Although West didn't exactly win...) Originally scheduled to begin in early September, the tour was pushed back to late October following poor ticket sales. The tour's name was'Would You Like a Tour?' The answer, it seems, was 'not particularly.'

  • Pitbull and Ke$ha's joint Australian tour was abruptly cancelled just a few weeks before it was scheduled to begin. No reason was given, but reports suggest that poor ticket sales probably contributed. Some speculated that Pitbull's fans were disappointed with him associating with Ke$ha. It seems more likely that Ke$ha took one look at this photo and decided to steer clear.

  • Rihanna's 'Last Girl on Earth' tour was not an unmitigated success back in 2010. In fact, the singer axed 6 dates from the North American leg of the tour following poor ticket sales. Things picked up from there though - until the last date of the whole thing that is. Her final performance, in Perth, saw her perform to a crowd that was just 52% of the venus capacity.

  • Poor Wiley. The cancellation of his 2013 tour can be followed step by step on his twitter account. First, he tweeted his confusion as to why his tour had been pushed back by 2 months, announcing that he was going to take it up with his team... Six minutes later, he sheepishly returned, announcing "Ok tours get pushed back when the tickets ain't sold enough hence why they probably added Angel and Dappy." In fairness Wiley, adding Dappy was never going to help things. Three minutes later, the whole tour was cancelled. A very public strop.

  • At this stage of her career, it's probably difficult to upset Madonna, so disappointing sales for her 2012 tour probably didn't faze her. The poor turnout suggested that perhaps the singer has finally peaked, with thousands of unsold seats for her Edinburgh show amongst others. At the Edinburgh show, after stating that her last visit there had been to get married, she expressed the hope that this visit would be a "more lasting and beautiful memory." Unless she finds empty seats beautiful, that seems unlikely.

  • Considering the mountains of bad publicity she's had, Britney Spears' poor selling 2011 tour seems somewhat insignificant. Her UK tour saw her perform to less than impressive crowds, with videos emerging of her performing to a half empty o2 arena. Perhaps fans took the request to "leave Britney alone" a little too literally.

  • Well this one isn't Brandy's fault. As the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day came to an end in the South African FNB stadium this year, there was just one more surprise left in store for the 90,000 attendees. Brandy was going to perform! Sadly, the secret was kept a little too well, and by the time she'd come onstage, there were just 40 people left in the stands. She performed just three songs, before walking offstage. You can hardly blame her.

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