Actor performs Thor version of 'Get Lucky'
Gaby Whitehill

14:23 4th November 2013

Tom Hiddleston has parodied Daft Punk's summer smash 'Get Lucky', changing the words to, of course, 'Get Loki'. Check it out below.

In the slightly cringey but heartwarming clip, the Thor actor is encouraged by the interviewer to sing along to 'Get Lucky' - only changing 'Lucky' to 'Loki' (his character in Thor), of course. Hiddleston has to be reminded of the words but soon gets into the swing of it.

Watch Tom Hiddleston sing 'Get Loki' below: 

The British actor is the latest to cover the track (sort of), the original being performed by Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Nile Rogers. Since its release in June, it has been taken on by the likes of San Cisco, Naughty Boy, and, regrettably, this year's X Factor finalists.