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Daniel Melia

17:36 6th September 2005

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FeederFollowing reports yesterday that Feeder were set to split after the release of their next album sources close to the band have informed Gigwise that the rumours were entirely false.

Grant Nicholas was reported to have stated that band are to part company during a interview at the weekend but the source told Gigwise: “Contrary to inaccurate reports in the press and on the radio, Feeder are not recording their last album, nor set to split.”

“An over-enthusiastic reporter seems to have put 2 and 2 together and come up with 43.  Indeed the group are looking forward to the release of new single ‘Shatter’/’Tender’ in October and a Far East and UK tour in November.

The source added that Feeder were already in the process of developing two further albums, saying:  “They have already started writing new material for a Singles Album to be released in the New Year and a further studio album to follow the current album ‘Pushing the Senses’.”

Gigwise apologises for any undue physical or emotional stress the false reports may have caused to Feeder fans around the world.

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