Former Mac keyboardist joins musicians in Maui
michael baggs
14:47 15th February 2013

Former Fleetwood Mac keyboardist Christine McVie joined her ex-bandmates Mick Fleetwood and Rick Vito, along with Steven Tyler, on stage in Maui this week.

McVie last played with Fleetwood Mac in 1998, for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

She has declined offers to rejoin the band in the years since, but went and saw the band perform in London in 2003 and again in 2008.

With the announcement of Fleetwood Mac's reunion last year, and the news they would be going on world tour, many fans had hoped that McVie would be rejoining as well, but Stevie Nicks has downplayed any chance of that happening.

Speaking to Rolling Stone before Christmas, Nicks said: "I would sasy there's no more chance of [McVie returning] than an asteroid hitting the earth. She is done.

"She doesn't want to do it anymore. She doesn't want to fly. She doesn't want to come back to America. When she left, she left. She sold her house, her piano, her car.

"She went to England and she has never been back since 1998, so it's not really feasible, as much as we would all like to think that she'll just change her mind one day. I don't think it will happen. We love her, so we had to let her go."

Watch Christine McVie on stage with Mick Fleetwood and Steven Tyler below

McVie, who used to be married to the band's bassist John McVie, wrote some of the group's biggest hits.

She has largely refrained from public appearances in recent years, bar going to see her bandmates perform.

Some fans might be hoping that her appearance on stage this week might suggest she's considering rejoining the band, but we suggest fans don't get their hopes up.

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