Music uploads removed after one day
Adam Tait

11:12 18th January 2013

The KLF's albums have been removed from iTunes, Spotify and Amazon's MP3 service just a day after they were uploaded.

Yesterday (January 17) fans of the band were shocked to see The White Room, Chill Out, The White Room (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The Lost Sounds of Mu Vols 1 and 2 and Space all appear on the legitimate music download and streaming sites without warning.

But it emerged that the records that had become available were probably bootlegs and had not been added to the sites by the band themselves.

The KLF famously deleted their entire back catalogue when they split up in 1992, hence fans' surprise when the tracks appeared online.

In-the-know KLF blog The Fuckers Burned The Lot posted a blog piece yesterday saying they were sure the records were bootlegs.

"KLF bootlegs appear on iTunes and Spotify...which is unexpected, and presumably they won't be there for long," the site wrote.

"The boots available will appeal more to die-hard fans than the mildly curious - the 'White Room OST' is not the White Room album you remember from 1991 - but 'Chill Out' is fantastic IMO, and I know there's a lot of love out there for 'Space' as well."

Guardian writer Alexis Petridis took to Twitter yesterday to search for answers about the albums' appearance online, and advised fans to download them quickly before they were taken down again.

His advice proved prudent, with the albums being removed just a day after they were uploaded.

The KLF performing at the Brit Awards in 1992

No official statement from KLF has been made yet regarding the bootlegged uploads.

But the incident flags greater issues with the online services, such as how someone managed to upload several albums by a band who'd deleted their back catalogue without site administrators red-flagging them.

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