Can someone please tell him what his songs are about?
Davina Earl

13:01 13th August 2005


Noel Gallagher has admitted he was so high on drugs when he wrote most of his hits - that he really doesn’t have the foggiest what the fuck they're all about.

The Oasis star says: “I get the odd night when I’m halfway through Don’t Look Back In Anger when I say to myself, ‘I still don’t know what these words mean!’”

“I’m thinking what the…what the… ‘stand up beside the fireplace. Why.’”

Femalefirst have revealed that the poor bloke is so perplexed that he’s even considering asking his sweaty little teenage fans for some help:

“All these kids will be singing it at the top of their voices with all their arms around each other and I kind of feel like stopping and going, ‘Look, can somebody help me out here? Am I missing something?”